Sports Mouthguard – for active children and also for bruxism

Almost one third of all childhood injuries occur during sports practice. In addition to being painful, these injuries involve school absences, eating difficulties, and costs for restoring the affected tooth.

Wearing a sports mouthguard is the solution to avoiding the inconvenience, because of its role in protecting the teeth from a possible impact that would lead to fractures or even dental loss with unwanted effects on the quality of life of the child and adolescent.

Advantages of the sports mouthguard:

  • STRENGTH: 8 times harder and 30-50% more durable than regular appliances
  • COMFORT: 1.6-2.4 mm thick, reduced in size by 50% compared to the conventional ones, but 100% efficient
  • HYGIENE: Because you don’t need to constantly remove it in order to talk, breathe or drink, fewer germs will be transferred from your hands to the mouthguard.
  • REMOLDABILITY: the material from which the mouthguard is made allows its remodeling by simply placing it in a bowl of hot water, then again in the mouth. Up to 20 times.
  • FREEDOM: being very thin, the appliance does not interfere with normal breathing, speech, or water consumption when worn.
  • PERSONALIZATION: the mouthguard is made in one session, in the dental office, being personalized by your unique features.
  • COMPATIBILITY: made of a perforated thermoplastic material, does not contain PVC, Latex, BPA or harmful phthalates for the body.
    The mouthguard can be recommended only by the pediatrician or orthodontist and chosen together with him.

It addresses children from the age 7, who practice team or contact sports, or those who have bruxism (teeth grinding), whether they have permanent teeth erupting or wear dental braces.

The American Academy of Paediatric Dentistry recommends wearing a mouthguard during one of the following sports: basketball, football, gymnastics, handball, martial arts, rugby, skateboarding, skiing, volleyball, water polo, acrobatics, etc.

Take care of your smile even when you do sports!

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